Now in Print!

Sendrask is now available IN PRINT! That’s right, the book can be obtained in the form of glorious paperback shelf art, starting today. It’s 312 pages of wit and adventure, available from for $20 – but right now, you can use the code LULU30 (case sensitive) to get 30% off and pick it up […]

On the way to Print

Look ma, a printed copy!

Behold, the first copy of the printed book, finished and bound and – well, still requiring some small tweaks. In order for the final product to be beautiful and error free I’ve been slaving over this proof copy. There are a few things I want to fix before releasing it to my wonderful readers, so […]

Being Sorta Social

When I started this publishing journey I never expected the number of steps and the amount of time it takes to get a book out to all of the fabulous bookstores available to us. So to keep people in the loop, and help share the good news, Sendrask is now on Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr! […]

Sendrask is Available Now!

Sendrask is now available as an eBook from for $2.99 CAD. ¬†You can check it out here, or keep checking back to see when the eBook is available on your platform of choice. The novel has been submitted to Apple iBooks, Nook, Amazon Kindle and Kobo and once they’re approved links and celebrations will […]