eBooks! eBooks are Everywhere!

Thank you, everyone who has already picked up an eBook or print copy of Sendrask! The eBook is now available on Nook (Barnes and Noble), Kobo (via Indigo, Chapters and Coles) and Scribd for those who subscribe to their books.

Amazon also has a pre-order page for anyone looking to pick up the paperback (quick reminder, they’re already available at lulu.com! 35% off with the code LULU35 (case sensitive). Amazon is setting the price bar at $17.49, and any members of Amazon prime can save a bit more on free shipping when these mysterious print books make an appearance in the coming days.

Before anyone asks, yes – today’s featured image is a bird’s eye view of a flea market selling DVDs and cassette tapes. Why, you might ask? Because that’s the closest thing I could find to a photo of a book fair today. (I might also ask why you decided to zoom in so closely – but hey, that’s your business.) If anyone’s wondering, the photos I’ve been using for the blog are from pexels.com and freeimages.com, and are not in any way intended to distract you from how short most of my social media posts are.

Wait did I say that out loud?

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